Don’t Give Up. Ever.

dontgiveupThis week’s been an indescribable ordeal. Suffice to say, coming out of it alive has been a real blessing. I don’t have a particular faith, but if Big Guns Upstairs truly does exist, I owe him or her one. Thanks for looking out for me. (And of course to E, fist fighting geckos and enriching the lives of children in Lagazpi City right about now too.)

It’s moments of pain, agony and sometimes pure suffering that teach you that life is precious. Even your own. Flesh and blood sometimes in the larger relative to the larger worldly schematic can look vulnerable and frail. But you can never really put a measuring tape around the human heart. It’s far more resilient than science can fathom.  And no matter how battered and bruised it can get, there’s always a way through. Always.


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